Tim and Mary Lee did it all wrong…

They each were born into godly Christian homes, with parents known across the evangelical world for their commitment to God and His people. They had fathers and mothers that modeled Biblical manhood and womanhood.

They dated through high school and early college, marrying in 1976. When it came to marriage and establishing a Christian home, they had a head start. Truly, they were standing on the shoulders of giants. 

Instead, they went the way of the world. They rejected God’s plan for husbands and wives. They balked at traditional roles of men and women and embraced feminism. 

The early years of marriage were very, very rocky. When you’re determined to to reinvent marriage, everything is up for negotiation. But negotiation is never just negotiation. Everything becomes conflict. From divvying up chores to making life decisions, they were both determined to have their own way. 

But God stepped in and had His way. Slowly but surely, He opened their minds and their hearts to the Word, and showed them what the Bible says about men and women. It wasn’t an easy road, but God turned their lives around, redeeming a marriage that was headed for disaster from the start. 

Tim and Mary Lee did it all wrong. But God made it all right.